Digital society

Book Review: “L’utopia dei miliardari” di Irene Doda (2024)

“L’utopia dei miliardari” di Irene Doda (Edizioni Tlon, 2024) analizza la dottrina del lungoterminismo (longterminism), diffusa tra le élite intellettuali e imprenditoriali, e affronta temi quali il cambiamento climatico, l’intelligenza artificiale, le disuguaglianze, il potere e la marginalità.

Friends episode 9×17 and our digital society reshaping

The sitcom “Friends” seems never to grow old. Over a couple of months of watching it, I was fascinated on several occasions, from a sharp script to its ability to anticipate some social stages. Twenty years after the airing of episode 9×17, a commentary on the unsettled issues of digital society between social media, Generative […]

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